As of January 1, 2016 the Lumos platform has shut down indefinitely. Paid subscriptions have been terminated. We now only offer a self-hosting option upon request. If you are looking for a new analytics service provider, we recommend using Unity's official analytics service. You can read more about the Lumos shutdown here.

We Provide Back End Services

We provide a range of web services (we call them powerups) your game can integrate with, along with dashboards to configure them. The services are generic and flexible to suit as many games possible, while maintaining a great ease-of-use. So get back to developing a kick ass game and let us handle the servers.

Mix and Match

Choose only the powerups your game needs. By giving you the ability to pay for only what you want, we hope to make your operating costs lower than what you might get with other services on the market.

Painless Integration

We’ve done the hard work of integrating with your game engine so that you don’t have to. Download our library and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Currently we support the Unity game engine, with support for additional engines coming soon. Let us know what game engine library you’d like to see.

Consolidated Billing

Receive one monthly bill for the services you use, for all your games. Nice.